My Top 5 Favorite Wineries in Fredericksburg, Tx

As many of you know Fredericksburg, Texas is pretty much wine country here, and I am a total wine-o. I love trying new wines, and Fredericksburg is my favorite place to explore new wineries. It is such a fun little town and the perfect place to go for a fun girls trip or a romantic getaway with your significant other. We went on a little wine tour this past weekend, and I thought it would be fun to share with you my top 5 favorite wineries in Fredericksburg along with some of my favorite wines.

IMG_95041.Grape Creek Vineyards

This is by far my #1 pick. My in laws have a membership here and every time we go I love it! I have liked every wine I have tried which is not very typical for me, so that says something right there. They also have an amazing port that I think is perfect for small Christmas presents, I’ll definitely be getting a few bottles for gift exchanges. Not only is the wine amazing, but the view is so gorgeous! There’s a huge outside area where you can hangout and enjoy the wine with live music on the weekends and a fire pit when it’s cold. There is also a restaurant that has really great food and amazing service which I think is majorly important and can really make or break a winery. I have yet to go and not be completely satisfied with how we are treated. In the shop, they have wine infused chocolates as well, and I’m telling you right now to do yourself a favor and get these if you go! They are seriously so delicious! If you’re looking for a more upscale or romantic winery this is your place! The only downside to this winery is that because it is so good, they usually only let members in on the weekends or it will be insanely crowded. Chances are though, once you go you’ll become a member!

Favorites: Cabernet Blanc (sweet), Petite Syrah

IMG_95552. 4.0 Cellars

This winery is actually really cool because it is 4 wineries in one, so the selection is huge. There is live music on the weekends here as well, and a very welcoming outside area that would be great if you’re looking to get a glass and just relax for a while. There definitely is a more laid-back vibe around this winery, but can still be nice for a family experience. My favorite wine the last time I went was called “Emerson” and was named after the niece of the owners who had a very serious illness. I loved it because a percentage of every bottle that was sold went to her medical bills which I thought was really amazing. The Emerson wine was my favorite as far as taste as well, but unfortunately I don’t think they sell it anymore. If anyone ever goes here though it is definitely worth asking about!

IMG_95013. Messina Hof Winery

There is a very large selection of wines here! I haven’t tried as many of them as I would like to, but so far, I love this winery! They also make really yummy specialty foods that would be great for gifts as well such as their jalapeño blush jelly, raspberry chipotle sauce, port truffle box, etc. I would say this winery would be more on the upscale side as well, but overall a great place to go and explore!

Favorite: Angel (sweet)

IMG_94804. Fiesta Winery

This weekend was my first time at the Fiesta Winery, and I was honestly very shocked. We were under the impression that it was going to be mainly sweet wines which the rest of my family doesn’t like much, but it ended up having a much bigger variety and we all bought 3 bottles each! I also want to add that I absolutely loved their port, it literally tastes like caramel and would be perfect for the holidays!Although it is a smaller winery and there isn’t much room to really sit and relax, the wine was great! This would be the perfect place if you are just looking to do a tasting and move on. Another super cool thing about it is they make wine slushies, which I love! Not so much at this time of the year, but definitely a treat in the summer!

Favorite: 2015 Syrah

Port: Dulce Ray

IMG_94665. Fat Ass Ranch and Winery

Yes, it’s called fat ass-haha! This winery is primarily sweet wines, so if you are more of a dry wine type of person I do not recommend going here. There is a red wine though called Texas red that isn’t sweet and is very good for my red drinkers! For my sweeties however, this place is your go to! It has a super laid back atmosphere so it’s the perfect place to go with a group of friends or if you’re looking to have some fun!

Favorites: Country Peach, Texas Red


There are tons of great wineries in Fredericksburg, but if you visit you have to go to at least one of these! What’s your favorite winery?

Don’t forget to tell me all about how much you like these wineries!

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