The Ins and Outs of Lash Extensions + Who wants a discount?!

I have been getting lash extensions for about 7 months now, and I am completely obsessed! Not only does it take 10-15 minutes off of my daily routine, but you look good and feel confident without makeup (y’all know how I feel about confidence)! I get compliments and questions all the time from girls who are curious or scared to get them, so I thought it could be helpful to hop on here and answer some of the most common questions I get.


How long does it take?
A full set (which is when you’ve never gotten lash extensions or have none left) typically lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours. This depends on how many lashes you have. I personally have a lot of lashes, so my first full set took the entire 2 hours. A fill, however, can take anywhere between 1 hour to 1.5 hours depending on how many lashes you shed. Don’t be alarmed if there’s one time that it seems like you lose all of your lashes, and then the next time hardly any.  It just means you went through a really good lash shed that first time! If that keeps happening though, it could be the technique of your lash artist, so you might consider finding a new one! Anyways, if you’re super chatty like me, it’s the perfect time to catch up with my lash artist, Shawn, whom I love and will talk more about later. However, it is also nice somedays to completely pass out and get a really good nap in! Lol!

Are there different kinds?
Yes! There are volume lashes and classic lashes, I get the classics because like I said I have a lot of lashes, so volume would just look like way too much on me. Classics are going to be one fake lash glued on every real lash, so it really just enhances the lashes you have. Volume sets are like a fan. There are several fake lashes on one strand that will be glued to one lash, so this is great for my girlies who don’t have many lashes!

How much does it cost?
Every lash studio could differ to be completely honest, but every place that I have been to so far charges between $120-$150 for full sets and $50-$75 for fills. Volume lashes are going to cost you a little more than the classics, but if thats what you want then girl treat yourself! Lashes definitely are not something to bargain shop for though, I always say you get what you pay for, so if you’re getting lashes super cheap be ready to get disappointed!

Can I wear mascara?
I have heard of people wearing mascara, but I most definitely would not and your lash artist is most likely going to tell you the same. First of all, you don’t need to because it looks like you already have it on so don’t worry about that! Also, depending on what’s in your mascara it could make the glue on the eyelashes come off, and when you go to take off your mascara you can’t just start scrubbing at them with remover, or some definitely will come out or at the least get damaged. Basically, don’t wear mascara, but odds are you won’t want to. It’s a time saver remember, one less thing you have to do in the mornings!

Can I wear eyeliner?
Yes, but 99% of the time I do not. The lashes are so full and dark, so honestly, I do not need to, and once again, time saver! If you’re absolutely attached to your eyeliner though you can wear it! I would just be careful with removing it. When I remove my eye makeup I typically wrap my makeup wipe around my finger and use the tip of my nails to get as close as I can without rubbing my lashes. It’s not super difficult, so don’t freak out if you touch your lashes, just don’t scrub them with remover!

What can I/ can’t I do afterwards?
After you get your lashes done you can’t get them wet for 24 hours. My lash artist puts a seal on mine that way I don’t have to worry if it rains or I start crying, because let’s get real girls I get stressed or frustrated and cry pretty often, lol! Basically though, I wait until close to the 24 hour mark to shower, or if I really need to, I’ll just do a body shower to keep my lashes away from the water. I still wash my face, and I will normally just use a wash cloth instead of splashing my face with water. Your lash artist will probably also give you a brush for your lashes, USE IT! When I first got mine I never used it, because I thought they would stay on longer, but it’s honestly better to brush them once to twice a day, and if a few come off it’s better that they did than before they twisted or started to look funky! You’ll get nervous when you see some falling out, it happens, just like your normal lashes fall out all the time, but it does not mean you’re gonna be bare super quick. All in all, they are not as much maintenance as people would have you believe.

Can I curl my lashes?
I used to curl my lashes like crazy! But seriously once you get extensions don’t do it. I’ve never tried it, but I would assume it is much easier for them to fall out. The extensions have a great curl to them, so even if you have board straight lashes they will curl and look amazing! No need to curl them yourself!

How often do I need to fill them?
I think this depends a lot on how many lashes you have, and everyone sheds differently. Mine tend to shed pretty proportionately, and I have a lot of lashes. I go 3 weeks between fills, and honestly they still look good so I could go 4. I just like to stay on top of them, I don’t want to really look like I need a fill before I go get one, you know?

Are there different lengths?
Absolutely, lengths range from .08mm to .17mm, I’ve never actually seen the .17’s, because everywhere I’ve gone only goes up to .15 or .16. Normally, your lash artist will ask you how long you will want to go between fills, and they can show you different ones if you’re not sure, and they will use the longest one on the outer and obviously get shorter towards your inner eye for a more natural look. Also if you are unsure, they can alternate and mix in sizes if you want to ease into a longer length or not go as dramatic. I currently go as high as .16mm, and I love them a little dramatic for when I have on my full face of makeup!


I definitely encourage you to do your own research as well before getting lash extensions. Look at pictures and reviews to make sure you are going to get the absolute most for what you pay for!

Last but not least, my local girls!!! If you’re in the Canyon Lake area, I get my lashes done by Shawn at Mirror Mirror Salon in Canyon Lake. She is seriously amazing, and she does my lashes and hair, and I just love her!! I have never left disappointed, and honestly I always just enjoy talking to her, she’s such a great girl! Anyways, she is giving y’all a 15% discount on your first set with her if you just say you know me! She also has a cute punch card that if you get 6 fills with her, your 7th is 50% off! I will leave her contact info here!

Shawn Brooks                                                                                                                                         p. (512) 808-3493 (you can text her!)                                                                                          Facebook: Shawn Brooks Lash and Beauty Studio                                                                         She does lashes, hair, makeup and brows. Whatever you need she is your girl!


Don’t forget to tag me and show me after you get them! And if you go to Shawn I can’t wait to hear how much you guys love her!

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