essential oils for cold and flu season

I am obsessed with all things that smell good: candles, perfume, lotion, etc. Nothing is better than walking into a room and immediately noticing how welcoming the smell is, agreed? Or meeting someone new and thinking, “wow they smell good!” RIGHT?! I have a huge collection of all the smell good things I just mentioned, and now I have discovered essential oils! A few years ago my mom actually introduced me to essential oils, and you can imagine my excitement..something that smells good and also has amazing benefits?! Yes please!

I use my essential oils daily, but I completely live by them during this time of year with all of the yucky viruses and infections that go around. There are a few different concoctions I have discovered and tested, so I thought it could be super helpful to share some of my favorite oils for this cold & flu season!

Rug, candle, and pumpkins linked at the end!

Thieves/On Guard

Depending on if you use Young Living Essential Oils or Doterra (I personally love both), this is my number one go to for fall and winter! If you use Young Living it’s called “Thieves” and the Doterra version is called “On Guard”. These two oils essentially have a lot of the same benefits. They are amazing for immunity support, and they smell so good, especially for this time of year! I made Keaton an Immune Support spray that I put on the bottom of his feet everyday with socks over them, or else he will put them in his mouth (anyone else’s kids love to chew on their feet?). I made this in a 2 oz glass spray bottle (I get them on amazon, and I will link them here) with 10 drops of Theives and then filled the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil to dilute it really well, since he is so little. There is a book called “Gentle Babies” that tells you exactly how to dilute the oils for your little- I linked it here. I also put either of these oils on the bottom of my feet, because I am super susceptible to allergies, and I do not want them to turn into anything worse! It honestly smells so good too, sometimes during this time of year I will put it on the back of my neck and my wrists as well and also wear it as a perfume (two birds with one stone!). There are also On guard beadlets from Doterra that I will take dailey during cold and flu season. You just plop them right in your mouth and you’re good to go. I’m not going to lie, they taste just like they smell, so I usually have a chaser, lol!


Peppermint, Breathe, and Eucalyptus  

As I mentioned, my allergies are insane this time of year, so I am constantly needing to breathe in some type of oil! Peppermint is amazing for opening your sinuses up, or even mixing with a carrier oil ( I usually use fractionated coconut oil) and rubbing on your chest to break up chest congestion! I also love to put a little of the Breathe blend from Doterra on my wrists and inhale it throughout the day! Eucalyptus is also great for sinuses and doubles as a stress reliever. I love to mix this in my bath at night to really relax and also open those sinuses!
P.S. Mix peppermint and Lavender and rub on your temples to soothe a headache!



Lemon essential oil is another one I use daily, year-round. I like to put a few drops in my water to help support my immune system, tummy issues, and it also acts as a body cleanser, so it’s really amazing if you’re sick! It’s great to diffuse for energy if you’re slumped and not feeling well, and you can also add it to a cleaning solution because it works great for disinfecting!



I’m not going to lie, this one doesn’t smell the best, BUT it has some really amazing benefits. This oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties, and I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it basically acts like an antibiotic… but don’t quote me on that! This oil is great to dilute, and if you do a drop under your tongue everyday it is supposed to aid your immune system! It could be beneficial to diffuse and inhale as well, but I’m telling you- it smells bad. LOL!


This oil is amazing! Any aches or pains you have going on, this is my go to! Flu and colds often come with a backache, and this oil works so well as a pain killer! I used it a lot toward the end of my pregnancy, because my back hurt so bad, and it worked wonders! Just dilute it some, and rub it all over wherever you’re aching and let the magic happen!
P.S. Other pain reliever oils are “Pan Away”-Young Living and “Deep Blue”-Doterra!



There are so many icky things going around in the air during this time of year, and clearly the name of this oil speaks for itself. I mainly diffuse this during this time to obviously purify the air, and it smells great! After I had Keaton, I would always diffuse this when people came to see him to help him fight off anything someone might be carrying with them. It’s great to diffuse when company is coming as well because it smells so good! This can be used like Lemon to aid cleaning as well!

Diffuser Blends

Clean & Uplifting

3 drops Purify, 2 drops Lemon, 2 drops Breathe or Peppermint

Congestion Relief

3 drops Lavender, 2 drops Lemon, 2 Peppermint

Immunity Support

4 drops Thieves 2 drops Lemon

Energy Boost, Air Purifying

3 drops Eucalyptus, 3 drops Lemon

Sinus Relief

3 drops Eucalyptus, 2 drops Peppermint, 4 drops Frankincense

(I know I didn’t mention Frankincense earlier, but it is literally good for all things, a lot like Lavender)

Diffuser and wooden letter linked at the bottom!

If you’d like to get some oils for yourself I will leave the link here!

What are your favorite oils for cold and flu season? Leave a comment!

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