How I lost the last 10 pounds of postpartum weight in a month and a half


Alright mamas, it’s no secret that our bodies change majorly during and after pregnancy. We all go through a bit of a slump about it too (or at least I did). One good thing though is that through any insecurities I was/still feel, Jordon is amazing at helping me through them. He is constantly making me feel beautiful and more confident about myself, and even if you don’t have a significant other to do that, you need someone for support. A family member, a friend, etc. just someone to help pick you up when you’re down and make you realize that every woman goes through these feelings, and when we are talking postpartum, there is just no way of avoiding it.

After I had my son, Keaton, I really did half expect to bounce right back, crazy right?! It didn’t happen. I understood, I mean it takes time, but even now that I am back to my old weight, my body most definitely looks different. Stretch marks, loose skin, you name it. I still wouldn’t be confident enough to show the bottom portion of my belly, but we are getting there. 

With that said, I did manage to drop the last 10 pounds of my baby weight in the last 1.5 months. These were most definitely the hardest pounds! Here’s exactly how I did it!

I started working out

Okay, I am sure y’all have seen my instagram stories about Orange Theory, right?! I’m obsessed! I absolutely hate running, but they really have a way of making it fun. I have always had to push myself to go workout, like I’d be all for it for about 2 weeks and then get over it. BUT, they seriously know what they are doing, because I look forward to going sooo much, and I work/sweat my butt off when I’m there! Honestly, I feel like this was the big turning point when I finally could get rid of that lingering 10 on the scale. When you workout it almost makes you want to eat better as well, so you don’t feel like crap! If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend trying this place out! I have seen a major difference not only in how I look, but how I feel. Mamas, don’t forget to take care of yourself too!

intermitten fasting

Another thing I started doing was intermittent fasting. I usually skip breakfast anyways, but I was hearing a lot about this new fad and wanted to see how it worked. I don’t really have a set time that I eat everyday, but I just try to fast for about 16 hours or so. For example, if I eat dinner at 7:00 pm, I won’t eat again until around 11:00 pm, easy enough? Honestly, if you keep busy in the mornings it’s really not all that difficult. I just do my coffee and then drink water and it’s there before you know it! Clearly it works!

I focused on one good meal a day

I actually got this idea from the head coach at Orange Theory in San Marcos. He said if you’re not interested in a huge diet, just focus on one good meal a day with veggies & protein. This wasn’t all that difficult either because normally for dinner we do some sort of meat (steak, chicken, etc.) and we’ll have veggies as well. I loved the idea of this, because I am THE WORST at sticking to a diet. I’ve tried so many and always end up slipping, so just focusing on one meal a day really worked for me. This definitely doesn’t mean you can eat like crap the rest of the day though! I try to be mindful of what I am putting into my body. I’m not strict on myself by any means and I am definitely not a super healthy eater, but basically just don’t be eating fast food every meal.

cool it on the wine

Man, I really didn’t want to do this. I went from having wine nearly every night to having it probably 3-4 times a week (it’s just a glass or two though, LOL). Honestly, I like to workout in the mornings so I don’t like wine the night before a workout, because I don’t want to sluggish, so that helped me there. I know I am going to drink wine on the weekends, so I only let myself have some a couple of days during the week (depending on what kind of day it was, lol!)

cut the soda way down

This is a big one! I was drinking 1-2 diet cokes a day (very bad). I cut that wayyy down and honestly I may have 2 a week, but a lot of the time I never really drink them anymore. Only when I’m really dragging and need that extra boost of caffeine. The sugar in sodas is ridiculous! If you’re drinking them everyday, cut yourself down and replace it with water. You’ll be seriously amazed at the difference it makes in how you feel.

you cannot over do it on water

I started drinking a lot of water. Everything about losing weight says to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water everyday. I’m not sure if I’ve actually done that (I’m not the best at keeping tabs on myself), but I definitely have started drinking a lot more throughout the day. Also, if you’re just needing some flavor put some lemon (or a few drops of lemon essential oil) in your water. It’s yummy and super good for your digestive system!

There ya go, that is exactly what I did! If you try any of these things, let me know how it works for you, or just tag me in pictures of you doing them! I love to see y’all doing things I share!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO, Malyn

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  1. Hi Malyn – Congrats on the new baby and the weight loss! Fasting is good way to reduce your overall daily calorie intake without counting calories. Ultimately, your body is forced to tap into stored fat reserves for energy–and weight loss is realized. Congrats again on your success!

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