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I am so excited to share my first ever gift guide with y’all! Also, I’m pumped that we are starting off with gifts “for him” because boys are so difficult and frustrating to shop for, agreed?! I want to thank everyone who sent me suggestions or tips on gifts they have received/given/want, it was very helpful and much appreciated!

I did my best to find as many deals as I could, but I also threw in some steeper priced gifts in case you are wanting to really treat him. I also tried to be very inclusive as far as style (preppy, cowboy, etc.) My goal is to be a great resource for y’all, so hopefully this takes some of the stress out of your holiday season! Here’s what I found:

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Patagonia organic cotton flannel shirt– You can’t go wrong with a nice flannel, girls! Unless you’re married to my husband because he’s a weirdo and hates flannel shirts.. like what?! For pretty much every other guy in the world though, this is a super great gift and brand. It comes in multiple colors/patterns and one solid grey one which would be perfect for a nicer event.

hooey wide taper bone cut out western belt This is super close to the exact belt that I gave Jordon a couple of years ago for Christmas, and he still wears it everyday. Cavenders has amazing quality western belts and they look so good! Plus, shipping is free-so yay!

brown leather fossil watch– There’s just something about a man wearing a watch!Don’t you agree? I love fossil watches because they are super affordable but still really great quality. I think this one is great whether he likes a minimalistic or more flashy look. It’s a great everyday watch because it can be worn with just a regular shirt or a nice button down/suit. Plus it’s on sale for $136, so definitely jump on this one!

patagonia vest– my mom got this vest for Jordon last year and he’s been completely obsessed with it! I also have had the same vest in women’s (obviously) for years, and it’s just like new. It comes in a ton of colors, super comfy, affordable, and a great staple! Makes for the perfect gift!

ugg slippers– I don’t know about y’all, but Jordon wears my slippers 24/7 and has pretty much completely ruined them! I love these because they can wear them outside as well if need be and they won’t fall apart. Obviously we know Ugg is a great, reliable brand (plus these have great reviews) so why not splurge a little? He will have them forever and absolutely love them!

Patagonia pullover– What’s with me and Patagonia this year?! Idk, but they’ve got it going on! First of all, these pullovers look so good on men! It’s the same texture as the vest and comes in several colors. It would be so easy to dress this down for everyday wear or up for date night. Need I say more?


168 piece tool kit– Tools don’t particularly excite me, but they do seem to excite the men in our lives. I scavenged this kit off of amazon for you guys and it’s perfect for all of the fixer uppers! Clearly it has a huge variety of tools, and if we are completely honest there always comes a time that we need some. Gift this to them so they can help you later, lol! I’m not sure why this link is not cooperating but the link to these tools is the long one above!

polo waffle knit thermals– Okay y’all these are 33% off until November 20th so I highly suggest getting them soon! They come is multiple colors and are perfect for layering with the Patagonia vest. Also if your boyfriend/husband works outdoors, thermals are pretty much all Jordon wears to work during the winter and loves them! Super cozy, warm, and affordable!

adidas running shoe– Honestly, one of the main reasons I picked these is because I am obsessed with this raw desert color (if you aren’t don’t worry they come in 3 different colors). Adidas is at the top of their game right now, and everyone needs a good pair of sneaks, right?!

hanes 5 pack x temp undies– So last night I asked Jordon what his favorite undies are and then proceeded to read about them to make sure they were a good choice to recommend to y’all. Here’s what I found:

“X-Temp technology is designed to adapt to your temperature and activity to keep you cool and dry for all day comfort”?! “Tagless comfort, no scratchy label”?! “Comfort Flex waistband won’t pinch or bind”?! Excuse me, what?! They put so much thought into the comfort of men’s underwear I almost want to buy me some! I mean I want mine to adapt to my temperature! Ugh, the joy of manhood, lol.

tuf hedman felt cowboy hat– Obviously not all guys are going to be into this, BUT if they are Jordon really likes this one. It looks great, good quality, and super affordable! This hat also comes in a dark brown to give ya some variety!

nautica voyage cologne– Y’all! This cologne is normally like $60 and is marked down on amazon right now for $15.81!! What?! It smells oh so good, and at this price you can get him a nice bottle of cologne just as a stocking stuffer!

mizzen+main flannel– This is a very nice brand and would make for the absolute perfect gift! It comes in 4 colors, great for events, the business man, or even to buy early for Christmas cards! It is reviewed amazingly and definitely worth the little extra dough!

Sanuk slip on sneaker– These are 20% off right now, and everyone loves a good slip on! From what I have read, these do run small so I would definitely size up for whoever you are purchasing for. They only come in whole sizes so I would just size up 1.

Done! I really hope this was helpful, and I will have several more gift guides coming your way. If there is anything you need help finding or would like me to look for or add to this gift guide (or others) leave me comment or shoot me a message!

Thanks for reading, XOXO Malyn






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