the best gucci belt dupe + blue light glasses


outfit details: distressed jeans, black tank, camel cardigan


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I have been wanting a Gucci belt sooo badly, but I just cannot justify spending $450 on a belt. First of all, I don’t have that kind of money to blow and secondly my husband would 100% freak out! I was clicking through my Instagram stories one day and one of my favorite bloggers was sharing the best dupe ever! So naturally, I had to get it to share with y’all.

This deal is uhh-mazing! It’s less than $30 for 2 Gucci belt dupes in colors of your choice (I purchased the black and the brown). The quality is still really good and reliable, and they are nearly identical to the real ones! They are the perfect staple that can be worn with anything!

Now, let’s talk blue light. Obviously we’ve all heard it’s not good for you. Your eyes strain, it can increase the risk of macular degeneration, etc. Basically, these glasses are the best, and the ones I have that you can get at this link below are not prescription, but you can plug in your prescription on another website- They also have a ton of frame options.

The ones I have, however, without a prescription, are only about $20 and oh so worth it! I used to get headaches and even nauseous after looking at a computer and phone all day, but I can definitely tell the difference with these! I wear them pretty much all of the time, because I am constantly on my laptop or phone, so these are a must!

Both products are linked below!



Thanks for reading!

XOXO, Malyn

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