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As I was shopping around for Christmas decor/gifts with my mother in law, we saw the cutest idea! As soon as I saw it I thought it would be the perfect gift for any host/hostess during this holiday season. Of course, I immediately had to get everything to show y’all this super easy and cute gift idea that you can do yourself. Judging by how much y’all loved the Gucci belt dupe I shared Sunday, here, I know y’all love a good budget friendly and cute find!

Obviously, wine is always a good gift (especially if it’s for me, lol), but adding that little extra touch makes it so much more personal and thoughtful!

First, get some super cute towels with sayings about wine, I found several that are all linked in the pictures below! Also you are going to need a bottle of wine (obviously) and a cute ribbon.  If you need recs on what type of wine, shoot me a message, I’ll help you out!

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Once you have everything, the process will only take you a couple of minutes:



Step one: Fold your towel in half (hamburger style, haha) where you can see the words.


Step 2: Wrap it around the wine bottle where the bottom of the towel meets the bottom of the bottle. Squeeze around the neck of the bottle


Step 3: Tie your ribbon where your hand is! I chose a super simple and basic gold ribbon that you can get pretty much anywhere (target, walmart, hobby lobby, etc.), but obviously you can modify to any kind you want!

And that’s it! Super simple and quick, and I love how it gives that personal touch!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO, Malyn




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