Our 2018 Christmas


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This Christmas was extremely hectic. Have you seen the movie 4 Christmases?! It was like that, only we had 5.. and we still haven’t gone to see my grandparents.. We started with Jordon’s Grandma, then his other grandparents, then his grandpa, then my mom, then at home with Santa, oh and I forgot his parents-that makes 6. Wonder why people say the holidays are stressful, lol?!


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Anyways though, it was such a special time with this being Keaton’s first Christmas. I mean the reason we have so many different festivities is because we are surrounded by people who love us and I really can’t complain about that! Keaton got so many presents that are now scattered around our house, and even though he’s not quite old enough to understand, there really isn’t anything like watching your kid on Christmas.


We did the Santa thing pretty unorthodox this year since we left for Colorado on Christmas Eve. Luckily, like I said, he’s too little to understand. Santa came the Saturday night before Christmas. I do wish we would’ve got to do the Christmas morning thing because I feel like there really isn’t anything like it, but there’s always next year. Because of this we didn’t really do any of the classic traditions either. No cookies for Santa… I guess that’s the only tradition I had in mind?! lol. What traditions does your family do?


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We made it to Colorado and had a blast! Keaton did so great considering it was a 14 hour drive there and then back as well. (would y’all be interested in a post with tips for traveling with a baby?) He didn’t seem to have an issue with the cold or the elevation which I am so thankful for (because the rest of us did!) We still did stockings and shopping while we were there, so the Christmas spirit wasn’t lost on us. This year was kind of just a whirlwind, but in the best way. I try to be intentional about enjoying things even when it’s not always what I had in mind. Basically, although it didn’t resemble our usual holiday schedule, we had an amazing Christmas. We are truly so very blessed with our family and friends, and the ability to have Christmases like this!


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Also, Keaton has 4 teeth now, what the heck?!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO, Malyn




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