Friday Favorites



the podcast I’m listening to

The Morning Toast. I actually don’t listen to the podcast, I watch them live on youtube every morning. If you’re not able to do that though, they also record it as a podcast everyday. It’s basically just a morning show “keeping you in tune with what’s necessary” as they would say. Claudia and Jackie are literally just like us-so our vibe! They talk about literally everything, just like hanging out with girlfriends, and also keep you updated on news worthy stories! You have to watch!



The book I’m reading:

The Outsider by Stephen King. If you watch my instagram stories you know I am a complete embarrassment and I actually meant to get “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. I was so confused when I started reading this, lol! I was going to just move on, but from what y’all have said, I’ll finish it! I’m not too far (mostly because it’s freaking huge), but so far it is really good. Disturbing, but good! It’s about a little boy who got raped and killed, and now they are trying to figure out who did it. The first part is the most disturbing because they describe it (kind of like that scene in the Kite Runner that made me nauseous), but as far as I can tell, that was the worst part- at least for me.



The show I’m watching

You (on netflix). Okay, y’all heard me talk about this as well. CRAZY! I love it so far because it’s so realistic, stalking happens ALL of the time, and it’s insane how she can’t even tell. Also, how he justifies everything in his own mind like he is protecting her. I honestly thought it was going to be scarier, so if you are afraid to watch it, it’s just a little creepy-not scary! Plus, his comentary is actually kind of funny, lol!



throw (similar)

Product of the week

Hourglass lightening bronzer. I have used too faced bronzer literally since I started wearing makeup, but now I’m a changed girl. Hourglass is definitely a bit pricier, but there’s a reason! This is a new holy grail product for me!

my shade: luminous bronze light



something new I’m trying

Working in 50 minute intervals. I heard about this from a podcast with Brenden Burchard. He basically explained that this is how you get the most productivity out of your day. It also helps me to stay focused. If I know for 50 minutes this is exactly what I’m doing, then I will focus just on that rather than getting distracted per usual.

That’s it for this week!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO, Malyn

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