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Hello to another Friday Favorites! I hope everyone has had an amazing week, and if not I guarantee something that I say here can help you! If not, shoot me a direct message or email on something you’re struggling with (odds are, you aren’t the only one), and maybe I can find something to help everyone! Here we go:

the book I’m reading:

The Outsider-Stephen King. Okay, we’ve already discussed this. It’s going to take me 5 years to finish because it’s as thick as the bible! BUT it is really good and intriguing so far, I honestly have no idea where it’s going or what to believe. If you like a good suspense or need something to take your mind away, definitely get this!

the podcast I’m listening to

House of Kim– Y’all! My girlfriend told me about this and ever since I listened to the first one, I’ve gone 100% in, and I’m obsessed with the Bierman’s! They have great life, marriage, parenting, positivity (y’all know this is huge for me), everything tips, and are so real (kind of have to be when you have a reality show). Nonetheless, I love them, and if you’re looking for some motivation or just a laugh I would definitely check them out-they talk about all the things!

the show I’m watching

Single Parents– Cutest feel good show ever! I would compare it to Friends in the sense that it’s not super serious and just makes you laugh. Perfect to watch after You if you’re scared, lol!

+ I finished “You” and if you missed my thoughts on it on instagram- here they are: I don’t think the whole Benji situation was super realistic, he had a good idea with the phone thing and keeping his social going, but you mean to tell me he had not one friend/family member that tracked him?! I track my sister and my mom like 30 times a day. No one thought it was weird?! It’s a little more realistic that they are getting into the Peach “suicide”, but I really need to know exactly how he framed that. Did he make it like she just shot herself in the yard? I mean he’d have to because there was blood, but like who does that in the front yard?! Idk. ALSO, my sister doesn’t believe he really killed Beck because he was so obsessed with her, but you definitely hear about stalkers killing the people they’re obsessed with all the time. On the other hand, that kind of kills the storyline and the whole point of the show- if she’s not in it, I’m not interested. (I said that in a v sassy tone if anyone was wondering). If he didn’t kill her though, who did he bury for the cops to find and believe it was her?! I DON’T KNOW! Also, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- why the fffffff is it so hard to put curtains on your window?! People can legit see you doing the deed from the street! I need season 2 and there are my thoughts, I’m ready.

beauty tip of the week

vaseline on your hands at night– Okay, this sounds weird right?! I have always put something on the back of my hands at night because “you can always tell the age of a woman by the back of her hand”, and I refuse for that to be my truth in the coming years. Yes, I’m young, I don’t have to worry about wrinkles yet, but why the heck would you wait until it’s an issue to try to correct?! No thank you! Used to, I would put my nightly serum that I use on my face also on my hands, but obviously y’all know I use Drunk Elephant which isn’t exactly a steal. I felt like it was too pricey to be using extra for my hands! Low and behold, my new obsession, Kim Bierman, said she uses vaseline! WHO KNEW?! So now I put vaseline on my hands before bed, my debit card appreciates it, and my hands are super soft!

something new I’m trying

Time batching– Obviously, this isn’t some crazy thought, but it truly has helped me. I’ve told y’all before that I have trouble focusing (working in 50 minute intervals has also helped me- I talk about it here). This tends to mean that I will start one thing, think about something else that needs to be done, and before I know it I’ve bounced around my house for the last few hours doing 70 different things in little spurts-not productive! Now, I will literally write in my planner exactly what I am going to time batch and for how long. If you’re unfamiliar, time batching is when you take one task and knock out a ton of it. For example, I time batch my blog posts-so I write all of my posts for the week on Sunday’s and then I don’t have to think about it again until the following Sunday. This is a huge time saver! I also batched my pictures this past week (which made Jordon miserable) but saved me from asking him every single day to take a picture of me! Batch your emails, batch your calls, your cleaning, your laundry, whatever! I could do a whole post over this-it’s life changing!

That’s all for this week!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO, Malyn

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