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Happy Friday everyone! I hope y’all have had a great week and are pouring that glass of red tonight, I know I am! For now though I’m on coffee… should I spike it?! Lol! Anyways, here’s this weeks favorites:

the podcast I’m listening to

Rise Together– A couple of weeks ago I shared Rachel Hollis’ book “Girl, wash you face”, and y’all are either living under a rock or you know exactly who she is! If you haven’t joined the rest of the world in reading her book you most definitely have to, BUT in the meantime listen to this podcast! It’s her and her husband, Dave, talking mainly about relationships (and I personally think you should always be working on your relationships even if they’re amazing). This is perfect for my married peeps, but it can honestly be applied to any relationship. Whether you’re dating, friends, family, whatever. They give some great insight and advice!

The book I’m reading

The Outsiders– Yes, still. I do have an update though- it’s crazy! Stephen King really is a genius and has such a creative mind! I have been on my toes the entire time (which y’all know I love), and I still have no idea what happened. One second I’m convinced one way, and the second I’m the opposite. I have a thousand theories, but you should read it yourself!

The show I’m watching

The Bachelor– Yes, I finally gave in after all of these years. I have only seen the first episode this season and have SOOO many thoughts!! I’ll have to catch up though so I can give y’all my thoughts in real time (probably on insta stories).

Beauty tip of the week

SUNSCREEN– I know this is obvious. I’m a freak about sunscreen! The sun is literally the devil for your skin, please please protect it! I use my Drunk Elephant tinted sunscreen everyday on my face, and my Estee Lauder foundation also has SPF- Ya girl is not getting leathery, cancer infected skin today! Also-so important-I put it on the back of my hands. This goes hand and hand (lol, pun) with my morning skincare routine. People always say you can tell the age of a woman by the back of her hands-no thank you, not in this life! I also do vaseline at night if you missed last week’s post.

Something new I’m trying

Meal replacement protein shake– So we just booked a trip for this summer that I NEED to be in the best shape of my life. My vibe for this trip is short, tight, cocktail dresses, and living the true party girl life (Keaton is staying with my mom). I’ve talked to y’all before about intermitten fasting, but I recently listened to a podcast where a professional touched on it. She explained that if you’re doing the long 15 hour-or-so stretches and are prone to anxiety or depression-those will start to creep back in around month 6. She recommended 12 hour fasts, or at least a little something in the morning like juice or a shake. I personally haven’t struggled with anxiety since Keaton was about a month old, but I do not want to invite that back into my life. I also tend to not be hungry in the mornings, so I figured a protein shake was a good way to give my body something nutritious and also hold me over to “fast”. I will share some recipes with y’all soon!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO, Malyn

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