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Okay, I’m about to hit y’all with some Monday Motivation! I have to be honest first though, I didn’t really want to do this. I’ve been working on myself a lot lately (turning my attitude around, waking up early, working hard, staying motivated), and I have only been sharing a small portion of it with y’all. Why? Maybe because I’m afraid of being judged? Or made fun of? Or failing in front of others?! Or maybe I felt like I couldn’t inspire people to chase their big dreams if I haven’t even reached mine yet! My family has been watching me do this and the other day my mother in law said to me, “you need to do a blog post about how you stay motivated and talk about your goals. I was looking at your vision board and I think it’s so cool and you can talk about why you do those things” and I was super hesitant. Here’s the thing though, if the whole point of me starting the blog was to share the parts of my life that are meant to relate and inspire you, then why the heck should I be afraid to do just that?! Y’all have been nothing but supportive and encouraging to me thus far, so I want to do the same for you. I’m obviously nowhere near where I want to be, but you have to start somewhere.

Now I quote Rachel Hollis: “I refuse to live as half of myself because other people can’t handle all of me”

Why I think setting goals is important:

THIS IS HUGE! How can you accomplish your dreams if you don’t know what they are?! If you don’t have a clear picture in your mind of where you are going, then how do you expect to get there?! It’s so important to take a minute and really think, I mean really think about who exactly you want to be and what you want to accomplish. Think about it everyday with everything you do. WRITE IT DOWN! MAKE IT REAL!

Things I do to stay motivated:

wake up early– I talk about this a lot. Mornings have become so powerful for me-it sets the tone for my entire day. I like to wake up at 5, before Jordon and Keaton and have time to myself. I have a pretty specific morning routine which I love, and I think that also helps with staying on track! (I’m going to do a post about my entire morning routine soon) I like my mornings quiet- I can read my devotional, pray, close my eyes for a couple of minutes and think about all the things I am grateful for (I would almost say this is the most impactful for my day), journal, and set my planner for the day. Start waking up just an hour or two earlier, get a head start on some things for yourself, and you will seriously be amazed with how much better you feel throughout the day. My attitude is so much more positive, and when you get things done early you feel productive which in turn makes you more productive!

Start today journal– When I said journaling this is what I meant. Rachel Hollis came out with this journal that I love! It has you write down, in detail, your biggest dreams and how you can get there. Then everyday you write 5 things you are grateful for (different things everyday), and the 10 goals you have accomplished in this season. Obviously you haven’t yet actually accomplished them, but you put them down as if you have to get rid of that “want” barrier. This way, I am keeping my mind on track, thinking of my goals everyday and what I can do that day to get closer to them. I also want to add that when you write down what you’re grateful for, don’t just mindlessly do it. Feel it-really feel it! This is the most powerful thing you can do for your life- it will change your outlook on everything. I also practice this all throughout the day. If something happens that ticks me off, I try really hard to think of why it may have needed to be happen and be grateful for it. It’s not easy, but it will grow you as a person.

Daily to do– I mentioned writing in my planner in the morning as well. I like to write down everything I want to accomplish in a day (I’m not hard on myself if I don’t get to everything), but this makes me far more productive. There’s something about crossing off that to do list, am I right?!

Vision board– This year is the first year I have made a vision board, and I’m so excited. I didn’t do just what I wanted to accomplish this year, though. I put nearly everything I could think of that I want to accomplish or work toward. This way, it can be an ongoing project. Once I accomplish one thing, I’ll take the picture off and replace it with another. Every morning when I get dressed I look at every picture and quote on this board and focus on it. I imagine having it. I think this is also super powerful- if your brain sees the same images everyday and focuses on them it is just more likely to come true. (I linked the bulletin board I used at the very end)

Set deadlines– When I make a goal, I like to give myself a timeline. It’s not strict, but something to aim at. If I miss it, no big deal, as long as I am still working towards it. This creates that sense of urgency. It’s almost like a competition, I don’t want to let myself down.

Listen to podcasts– Keep learning! I literally listen to motivational/uplifting podcasts all day long. When I’m doing laundry, cleaning, dishes, driving, working, anything! It’s like having someone in your ear constantly motivating you. Instead of turning the TV on while you fold the laundry, listen to a podcast! I always want to work toward bettering myself and this has made a huge impact!

Some of my favorite podcasts to keep me motivated in business & personal developement: House of Kim (this is my #1 right now- she has me hooked on an attitude of gratitude and “ask, believe, receive), The Skinny Confidential, Rise (for business), Rise Together (perfect for relationship advice)– I’ll let y’all know when I find a new one I like!

read books– This has always been super important to me. Sometimes I get off track and won’t read for a while, but in these past few months I have made it a point to read for at least 30 minutes before bed. Reading obviously expands your knowledge, and if you choose the right books- can definitely motivate and help you in certain areas of your life. On top of that, i sleep so much better. I try not to look at my phone during that time, go to sleep, and not look at it too much during my morning routine unless it is to put on a podcast or something. It helps your brain wind down for one, but I think it’s also nice to have that break and just enjoy being with yourself instead of scrolling through instagram.

workout– Y’all this helps me so much! I realize not everyone enjoys it, but I am personally so much more motivated after a workout. I don’t always want to go- believe me, but it makes the world of difference. I feel so productive after which encourages me to keep being productive throughout the day. It’s something I’m doing for myself- for my health and confidence which feels really good. It gives my that time to really clear my mind, and we all most certainly need that!

get really good sleep– I am such a freak about my sleep. I cannot function without it- I get so cranky and probably wind up with a migrane. I make sleep such a priority, so I make sure I get 7-8 hours. This means I’m normally in bed by like 7:30-8, watch one of my shows, read, and I’m out! Obviously, I don’t do this on the weekends, but i also don’t wake up at 5 on the weekends. Sleep is so important for everything in your life. Whether it’s mental health, losing weight, clearing skin, feeling good, etc. GET SOME SLEEP!

work hard rest hard– Hell yeah, girl! If you’re working toward a goal (we all should be) it’s super easy to think the more you work the better the payoff will be, or the faster you’ll get there. But girl, if you’re working all the time and not doing anything for yourself, you’re going to get burnt out. You’re going to resent it, get stressed, be more short tempered or emotional-it’s not worth it! Take the time to treat yourself- the harder you work the harder you should commit to taking time to relax! I honestly think it will improve your work as well as your sanity!

surround myself with people who support me/lift me up & try to do the same for others– Y’all this is so powerful!! You are the people you surround yourself with-plain and simple. Now, I’m not saying just start cutting people off, but I am saying choose who you are around the most often very wisely. With that, be someone who others want to be around. Lift people up, encourage them, be someone that others can look up to. If you are trying to inspire someone, chances are you are going to try to be your best self. People who put you down or don’t make you feel good shouldn’t even get the opportunity. “Don’t let the people in the cheap seats have an expensive opinion on your life”

Think of what I can do in each moment to be the person I’m striving for– I have told y’all before in my blog post about positivity, I ask myself a lot “will this matter in 5 years?” before I get upset about something. Granted, I’m human and of course there are times I just lash out or really don’t care if it’s going to matter because I’m pissed, lol. This helps NOTHING! Another thing I’ve been trying to do lately is think of what this version of myself that I want to be, my best self if you will, would do in a situation. For example, if my husband is really ticking me off, but here I am every morning writing “I’m an exceptional wife”- I try to think, “Okay, how can I be the best wife in this situation? How does he need me to show up for him?”. A lot of times this can avoid an argument!

Don’t listen when people put down or don’t believe in how big your dreams are– DUH! Screw those people! I do realize I’m quoting Rachel Hollis a lot, but I heard her on a podcast or something say “no one who is more successful than you is judging you”. Once you read that you’re like, “oh shit, that’s true”, so why the heck do we let people who don’t even know what it’s like have an affect on us?! What Sally says about Suzie says more about Sally than it does Suzie. Yes, I just repeated what your mom told you in the 2nd grade- she was right. If someone’s pulling you down it’s because they are already below you. Shake it off, ignore it, cut them out if you have to. THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Whether they think you can achieve what you want or not, who cares. Hell, I don’t think my husband believes half the crap that comes out of my mouth but news flash- I don’t care and he knows it, haha! (I want to add here that Jordon supports me-no one get mad at him). Seriously though, haters gonna hate- we’re just gonna shake, in the wise words of T-Swizzle.

I hope you can take this and run with it! Stay motivated girlies!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO, Malyn

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