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bra // distressed boyfriend jeans (similar & on sale for under $15!!!) 






bra // leggings 

podcast I’m listening to

beyond influential– This podcast is basically Brittany Krystle interviewing a ton of successful people about how they got to where they are. She has great interview skills, so these podcasts are extremely helpful and informative. Her questions are amazing and intuitive, not a simple yes or no which I love!

show I’m watching

Okay, I feel like we need to recap the Bachelor from Monday. What the heck is with Elise leaving?! I understand what she was saying, but I mean hasn’t she ever seen the bachelor before? I’m still loving Demi, I think she’s hilarious-I really like Hannah G too, but she has got to open up and not be so shy, or I think she’s going to go home! Right now, I feel like Cassie might win (I really like her) or possibly Caelynn who I also like! That’s all!

product of the week

laneige lip sleeping mask– This is that thick pink stuff y’all see on my lips every night, lol! It’s seriously amazing, makes your lips so soft + it lasts forever! It’s available at sephora, but you can also get it here.

something new I’m trying

literally nothing, any suggestions?!

Thanks for reading!

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