Our sleep training experience + how we did it at 10 months


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Happy hump day everyone! About a week ago, I shared on my instagram that we were starting to sleep train Keaton. I kept y’all updated throughout that night, but then I stopped because I wanted to make sure I could write down all of the details for you to reference! I can now officially say Keaton is sleep trained and Jordon and I are sleeping oh so good! HoweverI know there’s definitely some parents out there who aren’t, so if sharing what we did that worked can help you get some sleep, let’s do it!

For some background info, Keaton is 10 months old now, and he was sleeping in our bed (right up on me or on top of me if i might add) and I was over it. I’m not sure that I can say he was ever fully sleep trained. He slept in his own bed at one point, but we would always slip up on the weekends with everything going on (excuse). With traveling for Christmas though, he got to where he HAD to be sleeping with someone, and we really wanted to break this habit. From what I read online, other moms advised to wait until they were 2 because they weren’t old enough to understand- please no, I’m thinking. It wasn’t until his last pediatric appointment that his doctor suggested that whenever I’m ready I can start, and he gave me a brief “how to” that was different than what we had tried before.

I want to start this off by saying not all babies are the same, and what works for us might not work for you. For your sake and your sleep though, I hope this (or anything) works for you, lol!



Here’s exactly what we did/do

I start his bedtime routine around 6-6:30 depending on how tired he seems. I know people say it’s super important to keep this routine very exact, but we’re human and that just doesn’t always happen. Anyways, he eats dinner between 5-5:30 (again this goes off of him and what he wants), and then we do bath time. Here’s where the routine is different because we don’t bathe him every single night-oops. If he’s already fussing and exhausted we skip, or if he didn’t go wild and get food and God knows what else all over him we don’t bathe him-sue me. Now, bath or no bath, he acts the same. If your little really calms down when he/she gets in the bath and it’s a trigger for bedtime, do it! Keaton gets riled up and likes to play and splash (which is really fun, but leads me to thinking it’s not a necessity to get him knowing it’s bedtime). After bath/no bath, we put on  lotion & pj’s!

I still rock him and sing to him because it gives me that time alone to savor him while he’s still a baby. This is also more of his trigger to let him know it’s time to wind down (which for him is a challenge to say the least). Once he’s starting to drift off I kiss him goodnight and lay him down-AWAKE! That’s super important because he needs to figure out how to fall asleep on his own, without me or anyone else. Then, it’s a game of 15 minute intervals.

As long as he was/is crying, myself or my husband go in there every 15 minutes. We lay him back down if he’s sitting or standing, pat him on the back a bit and shhh or say a few words to let him know we are still here-then leave! Don’t linger around in there waiting for him to fully fall asleep or anything, just go! You’ll drive yourself crazy!

The first few night we did this, I put a bottle in there with him just in case. Since then, he goes to bed without one, but I thought to ease him into it that might be of comfort (to each his own). I also diffused lavender in his room which might help, but I forget most nights now, haha! Lavender on the bottom of the feet can help too, but just a few drops and make sure to mix it with a carrier oil-I always like coconut oil!

The first night, I believe we went in there 4-ish times, so it took him about an hour for him to go to sleep! Funny story, he is so hard headed that he fell asleep standing up, leaning over his bed rail, and at some point finally laid down.

The second night, we went in about 3 times, and I can’t even remember from there.

I would say night 4 is the one that they probably know how it’s going to go down. Now when we put him to bed he still cries, but maybe just for a few minutes. I might go in there one time if he’s overly tired or cranky, or wasn’t quite ready for bed and I didn’t realize. Most of the time now though, we don’t have to go in there at all!

Don’t get discouraged if your sleep training doesn’t go exactly like mine. Maybe your baby wakes up in the middle of the night a few times looking for you. Just wait 15 minutes and do it again- you can do this momma! Just think-it’ll get better each night, and by night 3-4 they’ve got it!

You’re doing an amazing job, mom! All we can do is our best, and I think they know that!

How old is everyone’s littles?! I can’t believe Keat is going to be ONE next month!!

Thanks for reading!

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