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TGIF y’all! This week I’ve had a sick kiddo, a hubby’s birthday, and a messy house per usual. Mama needs a glass of red tonight! As promised though, I have my weekly roundup for your Friday 😉

Podcast I’m listening to

The Tony Robbins Podcast– I’m sure you have all heard of Tony Robbins by now. He’s an author, entrepreneur, and life coach. He’s a very intelligent and motivating man if you can imagine. On his podcast he interviews other successful people and also does solo episodes. He’s super intense, not going to lie, but I like it lol!

The show I’m watching

Okay, so recap of Don’t Be Tardy. I’m obsessed with the Bierman’s and Kroy helping Ariana saying “print is in” was the best/funniest thing ever! I have to know, has anyone gotten their hands on a KAB lip kit?! I’m dying to try them!

The book I’m reading

I finished the Outsider! Took me long enough, right?! It was a super intriguing book, and if you like a thriller or sort of horror, this is for you! The book is so well written (I guess that’s why Stephen King is such a successful author), and truly does throw you for a few loops. I’m starting my next book now, Work Party by Jaclyn Johnson, which I’m super excited about! Have any of you read it?!

Product of the week

Glo Science 10 day whitening vials– I am obsessed with my teeth you guys! I have been since i got my braces off in 8th grade. Oral hygiene is SO important, and white teeth just make me happy, ya know? GloScience sent me these vials and i have been loving them! I use them several times a day, just coat them all over each tooth, and honestly they’ve lasted me a lot longer than 10 days don’t ask me why. At least they work!

Something new I’m trying

As heard on The Skinny Confidential, I have been writing down 6 things on my to do list each day. I can’t remember who’s idea this was originally, but there’a a book on it. Anyways, I’m pretty ADD, so if I sit down to start one thing, I’ll get bore, move on to the next and so on. Basically, I do half of everything by the end of the day-not productive. The idea behind your list of 6 things is that you go from the thing of most importance/urgency to the least. You can’t move on to the next task until you’ve completely finished the first, got it? Super helpful!

Have a great weekend!
Thanks for reading!

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