let’s talk bee venom in skincare

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Let’s talk skincare, okay? Nothing new, y’all know how obsessed I am with taking care of my skin. With that, I am also super particular with what I put on my skin-so imagine my surprise when a company wanted me to try bee venom..huh? But, I’m all for trying new things, and more importantly, sharing my thoughts on it with y’all! So I did some research and here’s what I found about using bee venom in your skincare routine:

  • “nature’s botox” I was sold after this (y’all know my obsession with anti-aging & preventative care), but I found a little more just for you!
  • stimulates facial muscles (tricking them into thinking you got stung) which in turn smooths & firms wrinkles.
  • increases blood circulation
  • boosts collagen
  • “It takes around 10,000 bee stings to make just 1 gram of bee venom, which makes bee venom almost seven times more valuable than gold!” fun fact for ya.


Now that we are all intrigued, let’s get into the nitty gritty of it all. I have been using Venofye’s Queen Bee Collection for the past couple of weeks, and I have to be honest- I love it! It checks off all of my boxes (remember i said I’m super particular), and doesn’t contain any of the ingredients I am sure to stay away from (drying acids, silicones, fragrances, etc.) My skin has honest to God never looked or felt better. Here’s the thing though, remember when I said this stuff is 7 times more valuable than gold? Yeah, that means it is far from cheap, girl! This is definitely something that I would not be able to afford the whole product line (probably why this is mostly popular among celebrities). With that in mind, I am going to share my full routine with this collection + my favorite products in case you wanted to treat yourself to just 1-a few things!






step 1: milk cleanser

step 2: facial peeling (twice a week)

step 3: toner

step 4: mix 1 pump vitamin C serum + 2 pumps day moisturizer 


step 1: clarifying cream cleanser

step 2: overnight therapy (just on face)

step 3: neck lift (all over neck including the back of neck & blend down to chest)

My favorite products

clarifying cream cleanser– I love how this feels, very soft & easy on the skin.

vitamin C serum– Vitamin C is so great for your skin, and this gives you such a good glow!

neck lift– I mean duh! No one wants to look like a turkey when they’re old.




Thanks for reading!

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76 thoughts on “let’s talk bee venom in skincare

  1. Yes I would love to have all of these products they sound so good. I am always so surprised with products today the are using so many natural sources. From bee venom, snails, sea weed, honey, etc its mind blowing.

  2. Sounds interesting having bee venom in skin care products. But I do know people who get bee venom treatments for certain health conditions and they have decent success with it.

    1. Actually, no. You must have read over where I went into detail of how they get the venom from the bees. No bees are harmed or killed. Please read up next time before you accuse.

      1. Sorry, about my last comment about the bees ,I did fall short of reading it all inwhich I thought I did 😞..had ALWAYS assumed and taught bees are killed/ died by removing the venom from them ,now its done HUMANELY when the bee’s venom is used .something to teach others about and the. PRODUCT itself is still beautiful !!..

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