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I have been counting down to this weekend you guys! I’m headed to Dallas today to see my sister and GWNJ tomorrow night! If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about go follow @girlwithnojob on insta and start watching The Morning Toast everyday on Youtube (I’m obsessed). Anyways, that’s who we are going to see and have a super fun wine girls weekend-nothing better! Is anyone here going?

Now let’s get to my recs this week:

the book I’m reading

Work Party by Jaclyn Johnson– If you’re in business or want to be in the future, this is a really great book! She goes into depth on her experiences and offers sound advice on things like contracts, negotiating, etc. Things we really need to know about, but no one takes the time to help you with it! Her story and experiences are really interesting and shine the light on the fact that it’s not easy. She doesn’t shy away from her mistakes/downfalls which I think is so helpful! Not to mention, she’s extremely relatable which I really love! (linked at the bottom because dumb amazon links)

the podcast I’m listening to

Unshakeable by Tony Robbins– Sooo I really want to start investing some money. Anyone else? Tony Robbins wrote a book “unshakeable” all about investing your money smartly (don’t worry, I ordered it). This podcast touches on the main points, but basically he is teaching about how you can invest your money intelligently instead of putting all of your trust in someone else and getting screwed (often without even noticing that you got screwed). I’ll let y’all know when I read the book, but if you want the overview or an intro listen to this podcast. he uses the podcast to touch on all the main points of the book, and it can definitely help to learn both visually and audibly!

the show I’m watching

Surviving R. Kelly– Oh. My. God. Jordon and I are really into this stuff. We loved the OJ Simpson series on netflix, The Menendez brothers series (idk what that was on), etc. I don’t know if any of y’all relate to that, but it’s all so interesting to learn about, as sick as it is. We started “Surviving R. Kelly” on Wednesday, and here are my thoughts. It’s disgusting. I think he’s a manipulative predator with twisted desires. This truly is the era of exploiting all of the shit that goes on with the powerful men that are in the spotlight, and I think we can all agree- About damn time! I think R. Kelly has a God complex and it’s all about to catch up to him.

beauty tip of the week

When you use a facial oil in your skincare routine-put it on last! I always thought your moisturizer needs to go on last, but apparently not. If you put an oil on, anything after that isn’t going to reach your skin, it’s like a barrier. What you use after the oil is pointless. Do your entire skincare routine THEN coat in oil. I only use an oil at night because of this, but to each his own.

Right now I’m using this oil from Drunk Elephant which I really like, but I am going to try another that i’ve heard really great things about..we’ll see!

something new I’m trying

I’ve been listening to Bosa Nova music. I’m not sure if any of y’all do this, but I’m kind of hooked now. I turn it on in the mornings when I’m making coffee and getting everything in order, so it starts my day very calm and at ease (along with meditating-I can totally tell on the days that I don’t meditate). I also put it on at night maybe when I’m in the bath if I’m not reading, and when I’m doing my nightly skincare routine. My skincare routines (especially at night) are super sacred. It’s my time to completely relax, be all by myself, and pamper, you know? It gets my mood set for the night and winds me down + it’s even better with Bosa Nova. Trust me, you gotta try this.

products of the week

silicone straws and Ouai leave in conditioner. Okay, first the straws. Is this weird for straws to be a product of the week? I don’t know, but I’m obsessed. Different straws are very much the thing right now because of the turtles & enviromen (I think, right?), but I mean look how cute these freaking pink straws are! I love to be extra, and here I am again. These straws are totally safe & free of toxins, TG. Plus, they’ll look super cute even just in a cup on your kitchen counter, very chic. (I linked these at the bottom because amazon links are weird)

Next, OUAI leave in conditioner. HELLO YES. I got a sample of this from Sephora and omgosh. It smells amazing, adds something to your routine to really feel like you’re taking care of yourself, and of course makes your hair super soft & shiny. Not to mention, chic packaging yet again. Looks great on the shelf in your bathroom-this is important, you know?

That’s all! Hope everyone enjoyed, and found something new to try!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. LoVE OUAI leave in conditioner, I just got it and used it the other night and couldn’t stop smelling the yummy smell…smells so good!!! Love silicone straws too, they come with Bubba double wall drink mugs been using them for few years now. Great Fri Favs!!!!

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