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We aren’t all made of money. Yeah, there are certain things that I think it’s okay to splurge on, but I also think we (myself) get confused thinking a higher price always means better quality. To be honest, a lot of times it does, but there are still things you can do to save money while also getting great products. Jordon will be shocked if he reads this because he truly doesn’t believe I budget anything. Here I am though, for the greater good of our bank accounts. This is one of my longer posts because I really wanted to talk about why the products are great and not costing you a fortune. I had y’all vote for the price range on my instagram stories and it was a close call if you wanted under $30 or under $50, so here I am delivering a variety!

If you have any other budget friendly products you love please comment them or send me an email or dm on instagram so I can try it and share!

under $10

facial massager (vibrator)– So let me tell you the story of why I put vibrator in parenthesis. I have to give credit where it’s due, I found this massager from The Skinny confidential (I’m obsessed with her). Anyways, she was looking for a budget friendly way to give yourself a facial massage besides your hands. She ordered a super cheap vibrator from amazon (ya know, for fun) and then it turned out that this was the answer for a facial massager! She told her followers and it blew up. Then, amazon changed the description from vibrator to facial massager! LOL!  I’ve been using this everyday though, it’s like $9 (or you can get a pack of 3 for $14 that I will link in the under $20 section and use the extras for ya know-whatever). I usually put on my serum & moisturizer and do a lymphatic drainage massage with my hands first for 3-5 minutes. Then, pull out my trusty face vibrator and go 3-5 minutes more. Turn on a podcast, some bossa nova music, enjoy yourself, and watch 5 pounds disappear from your face! I will do a youtube video soon on how I do this!

tinkle face razors– You don’t need to go spend a ton of money on derma-planing or even a lip wax. Shave the stash and derma-plane yourself! These razors are like $4 on amazon, come in a pack of 4, and get the job done! Plus, just one more thing to add to your self care/pampering routine-we need it! I do this once a week usually, just put some grapeseed oil all over your face and shave away! I steer clear of my brows though, I’m not that talented.

bliss sheet masks– Okay, this brand is insanely affordable! I have to rave about the sheet masks in particular though, under $5?! AND everyone loves them, so hydrating, so amazing?! Umm yes, thank you! I’ll be getting a handful every time I go to Target, and you should too! I mean seriously, you can’t beat that-there’s a hangover cure sheet mask! They also have a rose gold toner mist that would be super cute ion your bathroom shelf for $10.

moroccan magic lip balm– I posted about this the other day which I since deleted because I didn’t like how it looked on my feed, oops. Doesn’t take away from me loving these lip balms. I did a whole post about them last week that you can find here. Basically, they are all natural, great smelling lip balms, that you can get at the drug store! So much cheaper than the natural “brand name” lip balms I’ve tried. (I don’t have a link for this, but I’m pretty sure they’re at any drugstore)

drugstore mascara– I get so many of y’all asking about my lashes-btw, thank you so much you guys make my day every time I get a message from you! Anyways, in case you missed it, I got on my instagram stories the other day and showed y’all exactly how I do my lashes-don’t worry, it’s saved to my highlight “LASHES” for your reference. Now, getting to it. This mascara is the drugstore one I use after my primer and before my more high end mascara. All of these products are in our budget, but I totally understand not spending close to $30 just on mascara (although it does last a while if you think about it), so I included all 3 just in case.

silicone straws– I know what you’re thinking. What the hell do straws have to do with beauty?! Allow me to elaborate. You want white teeth right?! You can’t be drinking your coffee and diet coke just straight from the cup and letting it get all over your pearly white’s. You need these straws to 1. Not get stained teeth and 2. To look super cute & a little extra with your pink straws. I mean you can display them on your kitchen counter in need be, they’re super pleasing to the eye. (I think it says these are 10.99-sue me)

coconut oil– I showed y’all a while ago that I was getting rid of all of my smelly, toxic filled lotions and going natural. I use the same brand of coconut oil as I do the grapeseed oil. P.S. Don’t put coconut oil on your face, it clogs the pores. I use coconut oil as a moisturizer when i get out of the shower/bath, and it makes your skin so soft you guys! Plus, you aren’t all sticky if you have to get dressed right after. If I am feeling like i just want some lotion though (or if your self tanner is something you mix into your lotion-I gotta try that stuff) I use this natural lotion in lavender vanilla. Perfect for winding down!

under $20

beauty blender– This is obvious. If you want to be super budget friendly, just buy one and use it for all of your products-that’s what I do. I mean one side for foundation the other for concealer and powder, great. Get it damp, ring it out, have dewy, glowing skin. I have learned though, to wash it after, ugh! If not, the product will just sit on it and get hard and ruin everything-I learned this the hard way. I mean just get some dish or hand soap and clean it after- no need to waste your expensive facewash!

grapeseed oil-This is my new thing. I used to use makeup wipes, but I mean come on-so rough on my delicate face. We don’t need to be pulling in every which direction-especially down! I know a lot of girls use grapeseed oil, so I was like why not, i love a good oil. I’m so obsessed now you guys! Put it all over your face, and your makeup literally just melts away, no fuss. Also, if you really want to go budget friendly, you can use it at the end of your nighttime routine as your facial oil as well!

epsom salt– HELLO! I take a bath every night to relax. Get you a glass of red, a book, a candle, some dim lighting, and some epsom salt-you’re good to go. I mean not everyone can afford a lavish spa trip (me included). As amazing and relaxing as they are, we can’t be doing that all of the time! So you bet your ass we are going to find a way to pamper ourselves at home-I mean duh! Lock the door, tell the hubby that you need 20 minutes uninterrupted, no him, no kids, and then you’ll go back to normal life. Jordon was making fun of me because I was so excited when we first got my tub that I literally told him “I need to be alone, take Keaton to the other side of the house I don’t want to hear any screaming or crying, I just need to really soak this up” I mean it’s therapeutic! Then you’re rejuvenated to go back and be a calm, loving mom rather than pulling out your hair. I’m just saying, this is a super cheap investment.

hourglass veil mineral primer– Per request, this is what I use everyday to prime my makeup, and I love it!

lash serum– Y’all know I use rodan & fields lash serum that I’m obsessed with, but it’s a little pricey. I did find this one on amazon for y’all that has great reviews!

laneige lip sleeping mask– All night every night. This makes your lips so soft, tastes good, feels good, the works!

under $30

Kopari coconut rose toner– We all need a toner, and one that smells coconut fresh is even better + gets you feeling summery!

vaseline– We’ve discussed this before. When I do my skincare I always rub what’s leftover all over my hands. You won’t be telling my age by the back of my hands when I’m older, k? But I also don’t like to put any extra of my face products on my hands because like, it’s expensive ya know? So what I’ve been doing is COATING my hands in vaseline before bed (I like the cocoa butter one). Jordon hates me because when I get in bed I’ve got my face, neck, chest, shoulders, covered in oil, my laneige lip sleeping mask coated super thick on my lips, and my hands covered in vaseline. Like don’t touch me, don’t get near me, you’re going to mess up my true beauty sleep – anyone else?! lol! All I’m missing is an eye mask because his freaking phone charger lights up and drives me CRAZY! Does anyone know of a good silk or satin eye mask (we can’t be putting any other fabric on our face). And while I’m at it I’m also going to need a silk or satin pillow case-help me out! Cotton is causing pimples, js.

origins no puffery– I wake up with a puffy face, anyone else? Let’s get some cooling under our eyes and de-puff!

tula probiotic cleanser– The ingredients for this cleanser are everything! It combines probiotics with superfoods (like blueberries in this one) for a clean & effective product! Plus, it looks good on your vanity!

under $50

tarte in bloom palette– Pretty much everything I’ve mentioned has to do with skincare, but I did get a request for an eyeshadow palette. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again- Tarte palettes are by far my favorite! I’ve had this one forever and it’s such a staple. The colors are super mainstream so you can always use them!

Replenix antioxidant tinnted sunscreen + moisturizer– I don’t think I need to reiterate how important sunscreen is to y’all. Literally don’t step outside without it-trust me! Anyways, you can get this sunscreen off of amazon and it’s super popular because it’s caffinated-tightens the skin. I mean who doesn’t want tighter skin? You know I do.

resist omega + complex serum– Paula’s choice is a really great brand to use! They have really great products that are super affordable. We can’t be skipping over the serums!

origins skin renewal serum– I mean the name says it all!

What are some products you use + love that are easy on the wallet? Obviously this is kind of a highlight real and there’s so many more budget friendly versions of products we use daily. Any specific product you need to find cheaper that I didn’t mention?

Thanks for reading!

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