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Keaton turns 1 today! I truly can’t believe it y’all, the first year is such a whirlwind! In lieu of his birthday, I want to share our birth story with you! I’m going to get as detailed as possible (I remember reading a bunch of these when I was pregnant really wanting all of the deets to “prepare”). Hopefully, if you’re in that position this can help/enlighten you. I did have a c-section, but if you also want to read about a natural birth here is the birth story of one of my favorite bloggers that went all natural! Seriously, props to her!

Okay, I’m going to do a brief overview of my pregnancy so y’all know why I had a c-section. I had a really healthy pregnancy (thank God!). I didn’t really start to get super uncomfortable until about the second half of my third trimester (mostly back aches and getting super tired very easily). If you’ve never been pregnant,  they don’t do ultrasounds every appointment unless there is a concern. There is a pretty long break I want to say where you just get measured & use a hand held thing to hear the heartbeat (I’m obviously very educated on this lol. It was a year ago!) Anyways, after some time of not seeing your baby, you have the opportunity for a 3D ultrasound at 36 weeks! YAY! This is where they will estimate how much your baby is going to weigh (they can be off by a pound or so). At 36 weeks, they estimated that Keaton would weigh 8 pounds 10 oz (big baby). Because he was measuring so big, she had me do another ultrasound at 39 weeks where he was then weighing 9 lbs 10 oz- time to have a talk.

It’s important that I note here that I was in no way pressured to get a c-section. I know a lot of mama’s who say their doctor pushed them or made them feel like they had to do something. First of all, everything is your decision-know that! Second, it is so so important to find a doctor that you feel extremely comfortable with (I mean their hands are going to be up your vagine and possibly cutting you open). Anyways, Jordon and I had a long talk with my doctor about possible risks. She assured me over and over that it was completely my choice and she would support me 100%. In the end we obviously chose a c-section, it just wasn’t worth risking Keaton having a broken bone or shoulder dysplasia. I would rather go through a tougher recovery than him.

After we made that decision, we were told the nurses would call once they had a set time & day that the hospital had an open O.R. This took much longer than expected and I was anxious to say the least. She ended up calling and saying they could get me in the next Thursday.. 5 days after my due date. I’m pissed right?! Like who do I call what do I need to do-I’m freaking miserable and he’s going to be as big as me by then!

Luckily, Monday afternoon she called me and said there was a cancellation and to be at the hospital by 5am! Wow. One phone call that literally changed my life. We were already packed with hospital bags in the car just in case I was to go into labor (spoiler alert: I never did). I called Jordon and told him “We’re having a baby tomorrow!”

Obviously I could hardly sleep that night, no matter how exhausted I was. We live far from the hospital, so we woke up around 3-3:30 to leave by 4. My mom, sister, and Jordon’s mom met us there a little after 5 to see us before we went into surgery.

Prepping for the surgery went like this: Jordon and I went back into the pre-op room (I might have had to go alone at first, but I can’t remember). You get into your uncomfortable, ass showing, hospital gown, and a nurse will put on your monitor to hear your babies heartbeat. They put an IV in your hand and I still remember how effing bad that hurt. Needles don’t bother me but damn, that’s sensitive. After a while they’ll let family come in one at a time. Of course, mom, Dana, and Meagan all took turns coming in wishing us luck and saying a prayer. Then our doctor came in and eased my mind as always- I’m seriously obsessed with her. She asked once again, “Are you sure you want to do this? I won’t be mad if you change your mind we can go right upstairs and induce you.” My decision was made though, so here we go.

They wheeled me to the O.R. and then kept Jordon back to get him in scrubs. I went into the operating room, and it was NOTHING like Grey’s Anatomy! As I said, I read the stories before hand where a lot of women said it was a scary room. I don’t know where they were, but at St. Luke’s in San Antonio, it was so relaxing! First of all, it wasn’t the dramatic lighting like the movies. Great lighting, big windows I could literally look outside if I wanted, and the sweetest/best doctors ever.

First things first, spinal block. I sat on the edge of the bed, leaning over & hugging a nurse. You have to really turn into a hunch back so they get the right spot (you want this to be precise). It hurts like a bitch. But not for long, don’t worry. Nothing you can’t take! Then you lay down with your arms flailed out like you’re on the cross (is it one arm or both, someone remind me?) I think both. Your body does take a few minutes to go numb which I was worried about. I was all, “Umm I can still feel stuff is that normal?” so afraid they’d just start cutting, lol they won’t! Once it starts to reach your chest though, it will get heavy. My anesthesiologist warned me about this, and being claustrophobic any thought that I can’t breathe really freaks me out. So all of a sudden it started to feel like a huge weight was on my chest and I’m like “oh shit, stay calm.” I let her know that I was feeling it and breathed through it. Sure enough, after a couple of minutes it passed. Then I got nauseous, which she also said would probably happen and to just let her know. I told her and she said “alright, give me one minute”, and I was like “Oh yeah now I’m getting really nauseous” so they put one of those little buckets on the side of my face- much help haha! BUT she did her thing and within 1 minute I was back to normal. Y’all, anesthesiologist make or break the game I’m telling you. If I have a c-section again I have her name and I’m requesting her because she was amazing!

At this point Jordon is in the room with me sitting up by my face. He’s WAY more nervous than I am. The spinal block is such a God send and I was sooo relaxed. Like going from your whole body aching to not feeling a thing is miraculous! Basically, I’m sitting there talking HIM through it-HAHAHA! Asking if he wants Jessica to give him a little something because whatever she gave me really worked, lol! He was fine though, it’s not like he could see anything.

The surgery went VERY soothly, my doctor was complimenting my insides a lot lol. 26 minutes open to close, that’s nice! We really just chit chatted the whole time with Jessica momentarily checking in on how I was feeling. It was all women in the room besides Jordon, and they were so great and encouraging. During surgery you feel pulling and tugging, but nothing hurts. When they are actually pulling your baby out it is quite a bit of pressure and I think I let out a tiny moan, but nothing crazy.

Then a cry! She lifted up my baby boy for me to see his beautiful, screaming face. Then it was just a moment like wow. We did it. You never think the day is going to come and then here you are. A mom. Parents.

They took Keaton over to the side of me to get him cleaned up (only a few feet away from me where I could see and Jordon was right there with him). Jordon did get to hold him first, if you have a c-section that will probably happen- you don’t get to hold them right away. I talk more in depth on it here.

Then they gave him to me while they wheeled us to recover for skin to skin which is super important and amazing. Getting to hold your baby and just stare at him for the first time is a feeling that’s just out of this world!

This was by far the most amazing day of my entire life. My life has never been the same, and I would never want to go back. However you bring your baby into the world, naturally, epidural, vaginal, c-section-it is an experience that you will never forget and always hold so close to your heart. The love you will have is beyond anything you can imagine!

Keaton James Wagner came into the world on March 27, 2018 and changed the course of our lives. He made us a family, made me a mom. Nothing could ever top that!

Thanks for reading!

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