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It’ been a minute you guys! Sometimes I skip Friday favorites if I don’t feel like I have any new info that can be of value to you. Luckily, I have some new finds that can be!

The podcast I’m listening to

Breaking Beauty– LOVE! Obviously I’m into beauty, so this is super beneficial to me. I’ve shared a lot of motivational podcasts, so I thought I’d switch it up a bit. The girls on this podcast are very our speed, and they keep you updated on what’s hot in the beauty industry. They also do occasional “glowdowns” where they share the products they are really loving and the ones they aren’t. I love these episodes because I’m always looking to try new products and share with y’all! They also interview people from the beauty world that provide a ton knowledge and wisdom about their journey. I love learning about how successful people got to where they are, and I know a lot of other people do as well!

The book I’m reading

Girl stop apologizing– Obviously, I’ve talked about Rachel Hollis before (along with every other woman) & if you haven’t heard already, this is her new book! I would definitely say to read “Girl, wash your face” first and then this one to really get the most out of it. I’m almost finished with this one though, and I am really loving it! It’s all about being fully who you are and pursuing whatever is on your heart without worrying about what other people are thinking or saying about you. Plus- they aren’t thinking about you, they’re thinking about themselves-like all of us.

The show I’m watching

The office– This is such a nice break from all of the pitsville that is Surviving R Kelly and Leaving Neverland. Just a really nice, feel good, laugh to cheer you up! I’m probably the last one to hop on this train, but I had to let y’all know I’m here for it!

Product of the week

Drunk Elephant TLC night serummmmm yes! This isn’t exactly budget friendly, but if you’re just using 1-2 pumps per night (you can always mix this with an oil, moisturizer, or another serum) then it should last a long time! Everyone needs a good serum in their routine + I really do love this one! And as always, it’s super pleasing to the eye + looks cute on your bathroom shelf!

Annnd that’s that! Have a good weekend babes!

Thanks for reading!

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