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outfit details: denim overall dress // velvet sneakers //

So we had Keaton’s birthday party this weekend, and I was so excited to write this and talk about all of the decorations etc. to give ideas for y’all. We set up everything Saturday morning (outside), and the weather wasn’t great but it was manageable. Then I went home to get ready and all of the decorations blew away 🙂 Joy. Basically, we just moved the whole thing inside with little to no decorations, so I don’t really have those pictures. Nonetheless, I wanted to share some of the toys he got in case y’all have a birthday coming up! First, Keaton got soo many new toys & clothes, and we are beyond thankful to be surrounded by so many people that love him! Thank you to everyone who could be apart of this celebration, it meant so much to us! Okay, so I linked 10 presents from his birthday that he is extra into right now!

big action load n go- Okay, if this just isn’t the cutest! It’s still a little bit big for him, his feet don’t quite touch the ground, but obviously he will grow into it. He still loves climbing all over it!

John Deer sandbox toys- He got a bunch of little toys that we ca put in a sandbox for him. I will say though, if you get a sandbox make sure it has a lid so you don’t have to worry about snakes! These are really cute though and affordable!

John Deer dump truck + legos- Keaton also got another dump truck like this, and it is so cute! Plus, it helps his development with getting creative and building. It’s also the really big legos so you don’t have to worry about choking.

music set- This is really cute to do and get involved with your baby! Keaton loves music so we can sing all of his little songs and shake a maraca-so cute!

shape box- This is probably his favorite, lol! So simple, but super educational, and he is loving it! It’s the sweetest/proudest moment getting to watch your baby learn, so this is definitely a good gift!

rocking horse- Keaton actually got this for Christmas, but he really loves it so I wanted to include it! It’s a bit smaller, so it’s perfect for a 1 year old!

music bunny- As I said, Keat loves music. This bunny sings + dances and is super cute!

water table- Keaton LOVES being outside + playing in water, so this is what we got him for this summer. It was honestly much more affordable than I had anticipated, and it’s perfect! You could also put sand in it if you wanted!

outdoor playset- My mom got this for Keaton also for outside. He definitely is a dre devil and wants to climb on anything, so at least with this it’s something he’s supposed to! He has so much fun this, and it’s not huge so you could put it in your house if need be!

Buddy Tag wristband- This one is my favorite! I don’t have to really worry yet about Keaton running off or out my front door, however, my in laws have a pool and we are over there a lot. I have heard WAY too many horror stories about babies & toddlers drowning, and it’s just not something to mess around with. I’m not going to go crazy and have it on him 24/7, but definitely when we are outside over there & a lot this summer. This is all of the things it does, according to the description:

  • “Buddy Tag alerts you when your child is out of your proximity, and the proximity setting is adjustable
  • Buddy Tag alerts you when submerged in water to help prevent accidental drowning
  • Panic Button on Buddy Tag allows your child to alert you when in need of your help
  • Silicone wristband is adjustable from 5;5-inch to 8-inch with a coin screw fastener to prevent easy removal; Alternatively Buddy Tag can be attached to the shoelace or placed in the pocket
  • Free app compatible with iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note2, Note3 with Android 4.3 or later”

Thanks for reading!

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