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This is the first weekend in a freaking long time that we have no plans-omg. I’m so pumped to just get everything in order, anyone else? Maybe make Jordon treat me to a date night? I’m dreaming super big, clearly. I’ll go ahead and use that to segway into your dreams & if you are working toward something (I think all of us are) you have to read my review on the book I just read below!

the book I’m reading:

First, let’s review “Girl, Stop Apologizing”. I really like Rachel Hollis and what she puts out into the world + I loved “Girl, Wash your face”. This book is sort of a sequel to “Girl, Wash Your Face” which was more personal, while “Girl, Stop Apologizing” is more career related. There were definitely a few things that were repeated, but they apply to both, so I understand the repetition. I did feel like with reading her previous book + listening to her podcast, I had already heard a lot of what is in this book. BUT, I’m not saying that it isn’t worth repeating, and there are still very helpful + tangible chapters here.  A lot of the repeating is because it’s the same core values she stands for. I still felt like this book was very beneficial and thoroughly enjoyed it! I definitely recommend it, especially if you have a goal(s) you are working toward right now.

Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey– So this has actually been on my reading list for a while, and when my dad was in town for Keaton’s birthday he brought it to me! Probably as a sign that he wants me to stop asking him for money, but ya know-I’ll take it. I haven’t gotten too far into it, but I know Dave Ramsey is extremely intelligent with financials, and he’s been around the block- I could use some (maybe a lot) of help in this area!

The podcast I’m listening to

The Jillian Michaels show– Jillian Michaels, if you haven’t heard of her, is a big time personal trainer (she was on the biggest loser) and the author of multiple books that I have to read! I’ve been getting much more into my health lately, and she gives a lot of great insight on all the questions we have. They don’t just talk about health stuff though, so even if you aren’t into that (which everyone definitely should be at least a little) it’s still a good listen! Her, a long with her co-hosts, are extremely entertaining while still being very knowledgeable in their fields (love a well-rounded host)!

The show I’m watching

I’m not your guruWow! I think I might be becoming obsessed with Tony Robbins. Anyway, this is a 2 hour documentary of one of his conferences. There are some parts that it’s like “oh I would feel uncomfortable”, but it also seems just so impactful and it’s clear why he has become a world renowned public speaker. I’m not sure if everyone’s into this, but if you like personal development (and don’t have the finances to shell out the kind of money it takes to see him live), this + his podcast, “The Tony Robbins Show”, are as close as we can get! V inspiring + it’s on netflix!

product of the week

My new pink yoga mat! While we are talking about health, I have been trying to up my workout game to 5 days a week. I can’t really go all the way to OTF that often though and still get all the things on my list done! I like to switch it up too to keep my body fresh- no laws of diminishing return for me! Anyways, on Tuesday and Thursdays I try to get up and do PIYO (pilates + yoga)- this doesn’t always happen, but it’s a goal! I lost my last yoga mat in our move (which was expensive, ugh), so I was looking for a cute/cheaper one. Amazon to the rescue, like always! I’m loving my girly, pink yoga mat (that was under $20)! It has a strap on it as well so you can roll it up and carry like a purse. We are thinking of getting a small building out on the land we live on (by we I mean Jordon’s parents), and turning it into a gym, so this will be perfect for when I walk over there!

Something new I’m trying

No wine during the week– I know, I know. But seriously. If I’m talking about being healthier we can’t be doing that. Yes, I know what they say about one glass of red a day keeping the doctor away. But let’s be real, if I’m having wine I want at least two glasses & If it’s only one glass a day then that’s too long for a bottle to be open even if you pump the air. It’s not going to taste the same by day 4-5. Easier on the liver, maybe drop a few pounds too- that would be nice! So I am limiting myself. I usually go to dinner with Jordon’s mama on Thursdays and we will have a couple of glasses, so I am starting my weekend drinking then. Instead of Friday, Saturday, Sunday I’ll do Thursday, Friday, Saturday- see? I can’t be drinking on a Sunday anyways, I have to prepare myself for the week!

And that’s all she wrote!

Thanks for reading!

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