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Holy crap TGIF! Between a friends wedding 2 weeks ago, holy week, and then our wedding in the church- I feel like I haven’t gotten 2 seconds to chill tf out! Thank God there is no special event or anything going on this weekend, so we can make our own schedules and get caught up! With that, I’m going to lower my cortisol levels and deliver my Friday Favorites.

the podcast I’m listening to

The Bitch Bible with Jackie Schimmel– Okay, I love her. This is definitely an entertainment podcast (good for when you’re folding the laundry or driving, ya know?) I’m not really sure how to explain her other than she’s very our vibe. She talks everything pop culture, isn’t afraid to express her opinion, and is so hilarious! She’ll keep you on the up and up which is a must. Also, don’t listen to this with kids in the car (or a lot of my other recs if we’re being honest)

show recommendation

I literally don’t have time to start a new series these days, it’s hard enough keeping up with my recordings. So I decided that if I don’t start anything new, i’ll hit y’all with a recommendation to at least give you something! First, let me list everything I’m recording right now:

-Grey’s anatomy (this season is literally shit, but we’ve come this far so we can’t stop. Anyone else? Ever since Derek died I’m over it.. spoiler?)

-Real Housewives of Beverley Hills- These women give me life and I don’t know any other way to put it. I stan Lisa Rinna all day every day.

-Keeping up with the Kardashians- I mean, obviously.

-Very Cavallari- Okay, obsessed with Jay Cutler, yes please! He literally makes the show now, but I mean I like Kristen and Kelly too.

-Don’t be Tardy- Honestly, it’s not the best reality TV I’ve every seen, but I’ve just already built up a love for these people so I can’t stop.

Wow, I love reality TV apparently. Anyways, for a binge recommendation I’m going to go with Parenthood on Netflix. It’s soo cute and there is truly no better ending to a show.

product of the week

NARS concealer– Okay, I just tried this after seeing Kourtney Kardashians super annoying makeup tutorial (sorry, I’m like having a moment with her and it’s not a good one). Anyways, I’ve really been liking it, but idk. I still stan the tarte shape tape.

something new I’ve been trying

making my living room + kitchen spotless before I go to bed– There is nothing worse than waking up to a messy house. Nothing. It’s like I’m stressed before I’ve even had my coffee. A clean kitchen is just soo therapeutic. So before I go to bed, I’ve started taking just a few minutes to make sure everything’s tidy. Dishes put up, counters cleaned off, then in the living room- blankets put up, coffee table clean. It’s not an in depth deep clean, just putting everything in it’s place. Makes the mornings so much smoother, and y’all know how I am about my mornings! (but if you don’t you can read about it here).

Alright, everyone have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!

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