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So this is going to be shorter than my normal blog posts, but I mean it’s pretty to the point. We need to talk about makeup wipes now. We’ve been talking clean beauty this anti aging that, so here we are. Our skin is always with us- it’s soo important to take care of it, and I am a freak about my skin! I want to keep it as young and plump and dewy as I can for as long as possible. I don’t need to be taking a chemical filled wipe and pulling my skin every which way! Okay, I just jumped ship a little, let me tell you why we need to toss the makeup wipes.

  1. It’s not really cleaning your face, especially if you re-use them. So first, the wipe isn’t really cleaning your face, but I know you normally wash right after. What if you use them twice (I know we like a budget)? No no no. The wipes already aren’t good for our skin, then we go and rub all of our bacteria, oil, and makeup on them… then use it again?! Rub old oil, bacteria, and makeup on our faces?! That’s bad!

2. let’s talk about the ingredients because y’all know me. There are all kinds of chemicals in these wipes to keep them damp + increase shelf life. Not to mention, they smell amazing- hello artificial frangrances on your face! That’s a no. Plus, the alcohols in these wipes will dry out your face and cause Honestly, a lot of the drug store “acne” washes are full of alcohol which in turn dries your skin and makes them worse. Just saying.

The skin around our eyes are so delicate y’all! We can’t be pulling this way and that way on them (honestly, let’s limit pulling on any part of our face as much as possible). All of that pulling and tugging causes fine lines and wrinkles- don’t pull!

Now that we have debunked the makeup removing wipes, what do you do?! OIL! A few months ago I ditched the makeup wipe for an oil. This oil literally melts all of your makeup away with no harsh pulling or rubbing + oil is amazing for the skin! I personally use the grapeseed oil below, but you can also go with a jajoba oil. Don’t use coconut oil- it clogs the pours!

I think we can all agree to ditch the makeup wipe now, right?!

Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 9.54.07 AM

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