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This has been a long haul for me you guys. I have been slowly transitioning to more clean/natural beauty products which hasn’t been that difficult-until deodorant came. I mean no one likes to be the person who smells the second you break a sweat in Orange Theory, you know? I’ve been trying different natural deodorants for years (this was actually the first product I wanted to make clean because it’s so important), but let me tell you, the struggle is real. I had every kind of issue from them literally just not working to getting actual rashes under my arms- not fun or cute.

So let’s start with why using a natural deodorant is so important. Just as we don’t want to be putting a bunch of chemicals on our face, we don’t want them under our arms either. I mean that is so close to your boobs!! The aluminum in our deodorants has been linked to breast cancer and alzheimers, along with a lot of other harmful ingredients linked to diseases such as thyroid issues. Plus, did I mention aluminum keeps you from sweating? We are supposed to sweat! It’s good for you! We don’t want clogged pours you guys. May sound appealing, but trust me, it’s not.

More ingredients commonly found in deodorant that we need to steer clear of:

aluminum– As I mentioned, clogs the pours, linked to breast cancer & alzheimers.

parabens– Mimics estrogen and messes with your hormones- also linked to breast cancer

silica– skin irritant, also linked to cancer

triclosan– can cause dermatitis. Kills both band and good bacteria.

propylene glycol- Could cause kidney & liver damage

artificial fragrance – skin irritant, harmful to the environment, allergies and organ system toxicity

In come Kopari.

After literally YEARS of searching, I found the perfect coconut oil deodorant (we all know how i feel about coconut oil I lather my body in it after every shower). The best natural deodorant I have ever tried. And boy have I tried. I have been testing Kopari out for close to 6 months now to make sure I had the perfect solution to share with y’all. Now, here we are.

My pits don’t have a rash, I don’t smell midway through OTF, and I’m not increasing my chance of awful diseases like breast cancer. Also, I need to talk about the texture. The texture is just effing perfect! I have a real big problem when deodorants don’t glide on- like hello rash. The glide of this is literally incomparable, trust me it’s important. Just silky smooth, hydrating, and did I mention it’s kind of pink?

Anyways, here’s the legistics of Kopari coconut oil deo according to their website:


Sweat is natural, aluminum on your bod is not. Unjunk your funk and break up with antiperspirant.



No aluminum. No parabens. No baking soda. No nasties.


Coconut oil is naturally antimicrobial and anti-bacterial while it hydrates and soothes sensitive underarms.


Choose from our lightly scented deodorants that will take your pits to par

Now that that’s settled. Before switching deodorants it’s a good idea to detox your pits. Luckily, Kopari also has a blog where they tell you exactly how to detox.

Now I smell like a lovely coconut dream ready for the beach with my mimosa at all times. Need I say more?

Glad we had this talk girly twirlies.

Thanks for reading!

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