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Y’all, this is the first weekend we don’t have a ton of plans that I can remember in forever! I am definitely someone who likes to keep busy, but it’s nice when I can be home deciding what I want to be busy on, ya know? Anyways, I’m of course here to deliver my Friday Favorites & hopefully some helpful tips!

the book I’m reading:

First, I finished the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, so let me recap. It took my a while to get through it because it’s not one of those books you just can’t put down you know? But he gives very tangible and step by step advice. If you’ve never heard of Dave Ramsey, this book is basically a step by step process to get out of debt and start building wealth. It absolutely works, but it’s not easy or everyone would be wealthy am I right? Jordon and I had a “budget meeting” and we are now starting the process which means I can’t go to Sephora every other day-yikes. Definitely worth it though, I highly recommend this, especially if you’re around our age because we have so much time to save, but you can do it at any time obviously!

He breaks it up into 4 baby steps. I won’t go too in depth, you’ll have to read it, but I will give you an overview so you have an idea.

baby step 1: save $1000 cash emergency- pretty straightforward. Hide it from yourself so you aren’t tempted and don’t keep it in saving where you can just transfer over.

baby step 2: debt snowball- Here is where you list all of your debt from lowest to highest. Pay the minimum payment on everything except the lowest. Put all your extra money toward that one until it’s paid off. Move onto the next and keep going until you have no debt except your house! (house doesn’t go on this list, we revisit that later)

baby step 3: save a 3-6 month emergency fund- This is for the big emergencies, like you or your partner gets laid off or is in the hospital (God forbid) for an extended amount of time. To be completely honest I can;t remember where you keep this money, I believe it is in a low risk investment, the book tells you exactly!

baby step 4: Invest- Dave tells you exactly how he invests his money. When I get to this step though, I am also going to read Unshakeable by Tony Robbins to know more about investing.

baby step 5: saving or kids college

baby step 6: Pay off the house

baby step 7: Give. Charity, church, etc. Give back!

Now, I wanted to take a break from non-fiction and I moved to “Pride and Prejudice” which is also not an easy read because it’s really old (we’re talking 1700’s) so they obviously spoke differently. I think it’s still going to be really good though, I mean it’s a classic!

the podcast I’m listening to:

Sex with Emily– Yes, I did put that. Yes, it is about sex. But it’s also a lot about relationships which is really good. It’s a nice break to just listen to something entertaining but also educational, you know? You learn a lot js, in and out of the bedroom!

show binging recommendation:

Gossip Girl– Always & forever if you still haven’t seen them you have to now right now! If you want something newer, you MUST watch Handmaid’s tale on netflix. I’ve said it before, it’s soo disturbing and good! The next season should be out soon!

product of the week:

The Inkey list caffinated eye cream– So I am easing into trying the Inkey list products (as I mentioned I would) because I know y’all love a budget friendly beauty regime (as do I). I can’t speak on the entire line yet, but I definitely can speak on this eye cream. At first I wasn’t sure because it’s pretty thin and I like a thick eye cream so I know it’s working hard! BUT I loved that this ine is caffinated (tightens the skin) and I can already tell a major difference with the bags under my eyes being tightened & lines fading! Plus, it’s like $10!!

I know what you’re thinking, umm if it’s $10 it’s shitty. Well, not necessarily. First, go to the Breaking Beauty podcast and listen to the interview with the founders of the Inkey List. It gives you a good idea of why their prices are so low and what their goal is. Basically, they aren’t making a huge profit, but they always put the consumer first. I mean, I like to be put first. They don’t spend a ton of money on perfect packaging to mark up the prices, everything is plastic (yes, I know bad for the environment, but good on the bank account. Choose your battles.)

beauty tip of the week:

So I’ve come to the realization that we don’t need to be using the same hand towel everyday to dry our freshly washed face (you definitely don’t need to use the same one you shower with). So I got a pack of super cheap white wash cloths (literally $5 at Burlington, but you can get them anywhere). Once I use one, it goes in the dirty clothes. Just get super cheap ones and you can stock up- I even found some on amazon that I linked below!

Thanks for reading!

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